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AVA Foundation

Do good

Protect data

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AVA provides the distributed technology infrastructure and unit of value for applications built for good.

Our mission

To improve community by reimagining the digital economy

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    Do good

    AVA Circle apps empower you to do things that are good for you, your community, and the planet.

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    Protect your data

    With single sign-on through AVA, your personally identifiable information is never exposed.

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    Give back

    For every AVA Coin you earn, a portion is donated to charitable and philanthropic organizations

How it works

The AVA Ecosystem

The heart of the AVA platform is the Circle - a marketplace of curated mobile apps for good. Activity in Circle apps funds charitable donations.

Interact with Circle apps

Users earn AVA Coin by interacting with apps within AVA Circle

Transaction validator

Transaction validators earn AVA Coin by maintaining the AVA Core ledger


AVA Conduit

Users share in the value they create, with up to 70% of AVA Coin rewards deposited in their wallets

AVA Foundation

At least 30% (as chosen by each user) of each AVA Coin award is donated to the AVA Foundation to fund charitable causes and AVA Foundation operations

AVA Community members using Circle apps are learning, getting healthier and positively contributing to a global community – all while directly supporting causes that they care about. That’s because all AVA Circle applications support one or more of the six pillars of healthy societies.

  • Environmental Quality

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation

  • Social Connectivity & Cohesion

  • Health & Wellness

  • Education

  • Social Equity

AVA Circle

A marketplace of apps for good

Developers who partner with the AVA Foundation build apps that help make a positive impact on society, creating a marketplace for like-minded users. Circle app membership fees fund charitable donations and impact investments.

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AVA Conduit

The ecosystem hub

AVA Conduit is the connection to the AVA Community, Circle apps, and the AVA Foundation.

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Benefits for AVA Community Members

  • Socially responsible
  • Supports charitable projects through direct funding
  • Governance by and for the AVA Community

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