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The AVA Community is a diverse group of passionate people working to create a positive, scalable impact on the world through distributed and emerging technologies.

AVA Founders

  • Caine Smith

    Co-Founder & Executive Director

    A veteran in bringing new technologies to market specializing in user experience design, Caine has worked with some of the world’s most recognized brands delivering innovative tech solutions to millions of users.

  • Ben Keiser

    Co-Founder & Chairman, Board of Directors

    Ben's career has focused on the intersection of law and technology in support of environmental sustainability. He got his start in distributed tech as part of an early industrial-scale Ethereum mining operation and has become a passionate advocate for its power to drive meaningful social change.

  • Nick Forster

    Director of Partnerships

    Nick brings 15+ years' expertise working with NGOs and governments to AVA, and is recognized as a thought leader on fair recruitment and combatting forced labour.

  • Nancy Harrison

    Director Marketing

    Nancy brings 20+ years of marketing, communications, and public relations experience. In her role she supports AVA’s overall marketing strategy including the total social media strategy.

  • Joseph Fargnoli

    CEO, Run2Play

    Joseph Fargnoli is the CEO of Run2Play Inc and recently was in the advertising industry as Head of Video at Motive and VP of BizDev for Aerserv.

  • Michael Potts


    Principled crypto investor, community advocate and voracious researcher.

  • Chris McGuire

    Content & Marketing Strategist

    15+ years in digital content creation and media, portfolio includes a video featured in the Smithsonian museum in Washington, DC. Focused on coverage and promotion of decentralized technology-related projects.

  • Austin Magleby

    Content Curator

    Austin is an experienced data analyst, content creator, and public speaker passionate about finding forward-thinking solutions for social issues

Our Advisors

  • Tony DiMatteo

    CEO and Co-Founder of Lottery.com

    A sought-after speaker and thought leader on social impact, entrepreneurship, crypto, and gaming. Tony has been reported on in The Wall Street Journal, VentureBeat, TechCrunch and more, and advises to several philanthropic orgs and blockchain ventures.

  • Hayden Gill

    CEO, Coin Miner

    CEO and Founder of CoinMiner.com. MMO trading pioneer. Leader in industrial-scale mining projects, products and services.

  • Tristan Forster

    CEO, FSI Worldwide

    CEO and founder of FSI Worldwide, reforming the manpower industry by developing and implementing end-to-end ethical practices. Founder of Freedom Matters and recipient of the UN Global Compact award, WEF Davos.

  • Michael Olaye

    CEO, Dare & CTO, Inside Ideas Group

    Michael is the CEO of Dare and CTO of Inside Ideas Group. Involved in technology since 2000, Michael was also a founding member of creative shop U-Dox, and is also an advisor for Metier Gallery.

  • Tomislav Car

    CEO, Infinum

    Tomislav is the CEO at Infinum, a software design and development consultancy. Alongside his partners, Tomislav built Infinum from a college hobby to a respected business with global clients and 150 employees.

  • Nitin Rajan

    CTO, Elutions Inc

    Industry-leading architect of holistic solutions combining IoT, Infrastructure and Prescriptive Analytics.

  • James Sinclair

    Executive Director, Ethical Innovations

    James Sinclair is an international lawyer, social entrepreneur and academic researcher. He works at the intersection of labour rights, technology and sustainability, advising governments, corporates and NGOs.

  • Adam Lambert

    Managing Director, Investment Fund & Prop Trading Firm

    A successful entrepreneur Adam founded a financial digital news aggregation platform, serves as MD for a large prop trading firms, General Partner of a private fund and co-founder of a charitable organization that raises money for community initiatives.

  • Christian Gladwell

    Global CEO M&C Saatchi Performance

    Christian is a C-Suite leader, experienced at building tech to improve consumers experience with products and marketing. Was President of Marketing at MZ responsible for the revenues of successful gaming franchises (Game of War and FFXV)

  • Sam Sutaria

    General Manager, European Nature Trust

    With a background in biology and filmmaking, Sam's primary focus is on raising funds and awareness for conservation projects, connecting people to nature through bespoke travel experiences, documentaries and events.

  • Sarah Manski

    Founder, Society of Blockchain Scholars

    A scholar of technology, political economy, commons economics and globalization at the University of California Santa Barbara

AVA Community

We are working with industry-leading firms to grow the Community and bring the AVA project to life.

Partners who helped us build AVA

Foundation Partners

Symbol - Tokenomics

  • David Sabo

    Founding Partner

    David has been building businesses since 19. Previously he worked as Head of Global Expansion at Europe's first cryptoaccelerator. He has extensive background in product design and business strategy.

  • Antal Karolyi, PhD

    Founder Partner

    Antal is an angel investor, former quant trader and the President of HUNBAN. A physicist by education, holds a PhD in computational statistics


  • Scott Anderson

    Business Director, Dare

    Scott brings years of experience leading award-winning digital agency teams. His focus is on strategy, digital innovation, and delivering a realized vision for clients and their customers.

  • Caroline Sparkes

    Managing Partner, Dare

    Caroline joined Dare in 2018. Her career has seen her work with some of the world's top agencies, including Momentum Worldwide, Huge, Critical Mass and BIMA.

  • Michel Benhamou

    Delivery Director, Dare

    Michel's international experience has taken him from his native France all the way to India - eventually settling in London in 2011. Since moving to the UK, he has worked for high profile names including AKQA.

  • Roz Thomas

    Experience Planning, Dare

    Roz is Head of Experience Planning at Dare and is fascinated by human behavior. Creating commercially effective experiences for 15+ years, she is a co-designer of the MA in Experience Design at Hyper Island.

  • Sarah Wheeler

    Head of Data, Dare

    Sarah started out in account management before moving into data. Her passion for exploring new data trends drives Dare's analytical activity, and her customer insight knowledge helps support client strategies.

  • Piyush Pankaj

    Head of Search, Dare

    Piyush's close collaboration with engineering, data and content teams has established search as a core facet of Dare’s digital experience. Past clients include Expedia, IBM and Marriott Hotels.

  • Massi Vallascas

    Head of Development, Dare

    Massi guides the strategic vision and day-to-day delivery of Dare's largest teams. His wealth of experience allows him to deliver engineering quality on complex, long term projects.

  • Steve King

    Lead Client-Side Engineer, Dare

    An all-round web developer with a strong eye for visual detail, Steve's passion lies in creating great user experiences. His aptitude for problem-solving has allowed him to lead a number of successful projects.

  • Michelle Charlton

    Senior Designer, Dare

    Michelle bring briefs to life, creating unique brand identity that makes her work instantly recognizable. A graduate of Loughborough University, she was Head of Design of the university's student magazine.

  • Matt Coleman

    Senior Client-Side Engineer, Dare

    Holding a degree in Graphic Design, Matt brings valuable insight to his role as Senior Front End Engineer. His attention to detail can be seen in his diverse portfolio, showcasing a first class user experience.

  • Dan Bray

    Senior Designer, Dare

    Dan's keen interest in typography has helped earn him a reputation for creating an inventive and versatile style. A Graphic Design graduate, Dan is proficient in all stages of the creative process.

  • Gemma Germains

    Senior Content Strategist, Dare

    Gemma's flair for words has established her as one of the industry's top content experts. After running her own studio Gemma went on to help clients including eBay and Red Bull, now leading Dare's content team.

  • Mariel Norton

    Copywriter, Dare

    A storyteller at heart, Mariel's love of writing has seen her produce award-winning content for her clients. Working in a wide range of sectors, Mariel has written for both UK and international audiences.

  • Sasha Castleman

    Experience Planner, Dare

    Originally a Chemistry graduate, Sasha combined her passion in research and testing with creative thinking to pursue a career in UX design. Sasha has taught at General Assembly and worked at Zebra Technologies.

  • George Banea

    Server Side Engineer, Dare

    George's technical background has seen him manage projects from his home in Romania all the way to Italy before coming to the UK in 2015. His experience includes consulting and developing Python applications.

AirVu Media

  • Damien Murphy

    Creative Director

    An experienced individual with 10+ years in digital content creation, animation and video - working for some of the world's top brands. Damien is proficient in all stages of the creative process from conception to delivery.

  • Trisha Meyerhoff

    Customer Success Manager

    An experienced Project Manager, Trisha grew up in the Cayman Islands and graduated with a BA in Business Administration and Psychology from Trent University in Canada, now leads the delivery of projects for clients.

Berman Fisher

  • Lauren Christie

    Financial Director

    Lauren started at KPMG Audit in London in 2005 and moved to the Cayman Islands with KPMG in 2008 specializing in FS. She is a qualified Chartered Accountant (ACA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and has 14+ years of experience in the industry.

Benefits for AVA Community Members

  • Socially responsible
  • Supports charitable projects through direct funding
  • Decentralized governance by and for the AVA Community

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